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Please find below our menus, whether you are dining with us at breakfast, lunch or dinner. 
A very Cumbrian breakfast, bacon, sausage, buttered mushrooms,

black pudding, grilled tomatoes, two eggs, tea or coffee and toast 

Cumberland sausage orbacon ciabatta 5.00
With a fried egg 6.00

Creamy scrambled egg, flakes of smoked salmon, on a toasted muffin or rye bread 6.50

Eggs Benedict, English muffin, baked ham, two poached eggs, hollandaise sauce 6.00

Hot buttermilk pancakes with a choice of syrup and streaky bacon or berry compote and crème fraiche 6.00

Brioche French toast, caramelised apple, cinnamon, crème fraiche 6.00

Soft poached eggs,avocado, roast cherry tomatoes on a toasted muffin or rye bread 6.25
with crispy streaky bacon 7.50

Baked sourdough, caramelised red onion butter 4.50

Marinated olives 3.50

Hummus, toasted flatbread 4.00

Herb focaccia, balsamic and olive oil 4.50

Onion bhajis, curried mayo 3.95

Black pudding scotch egg 3.75

Sausage roll, pickled onion 3.80
Pastrami,mustard mayonnaise, gherkins 7.50

Coronation chicken salad 6.75

Mrs Kirkham’stasty Lancashire cheese savory 6.50
French onionsoup, cheddar cheese croute 6.00

Rabbit pasty, Israeli tomato cous cous, chorizo 7.50

Creamed goats cheese, pickled beetroot, caramelised walnut, pears 7.00

Smoked haddock fish cake, lemon crème fraiche, fennel 6.50

Sweet chilli fried spiced squid, carrot and cucumber salad 6.50

Parmesan and truffle twice baked soufflé, wilted spinach 7.50

Slow cooked chicken leg terrine, cider poached fig, brioche 6.50
Steak-frites,crispy French fries, garlic and herb butter, Cucumber and red onion salad 18.00

Curried chicken Kiev, curry sauce, butternut squash saagaloo 14.00

Beer battered haddock, chunky chips, mushy peas and tartar sauce 14.00

Plato’s homemade beef burger, caramelised onions, smoked cheddar, relish & fries 14.00

Hot smoked salmon Nicoise 14.50

Butternut squash risotto, Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire cheese, Crispy sage and pine nuts 13.00
Tender stem broccoli, almond 


French fries 

Herb new potatoes 

Glazed baby vegetables 






Cafe Americano 

Hot Chocolate 
1 Cup £2.00, 2 Cup £4.00, 3 Cup £5.70, 4 Cup £6.80

Archetype – House Blend Floral soft fruit accents, roasted nut and darkchocolate

De-Caf. Brazilian Santos Roasted to a dark and shiny state of perfection

Columbian El Placer Satsumaand walnut notes

San Ernesto Honey Walnut, dark chocolate and orange notes
Irish Breakfast
Perfectly balanced blend designed to invigorateand revive at any time

Earl Grey
Classic black china tea scented with a dash of oil from the citrus fruit bergamot for that discreetly distinctive and refreshing sensation

The red rose petals are layered with tea leaves during the withering process in a gloriously natural infusion of flavours

Rooibos Spiced Punch
A very special blend of mixed cloves, cardamon,juicy apple and lemon peel and adorned with thistle and cornflowers

Peppermint Herb
Leaned from the original herbal almanac of health giving infusions

Japanese Cherry
Indulge in your own tea ceremony with this, the classic flavoured green tea from Japan

Blood Orange
This is such a versatile drink, intensely rich, orangey tisane is a refreshing must for any caffeine-free tea drinker

Chinese Sencha
Traditional Green Tea with a kick!

De-Caffeinated Ceylon
Only the finest of leaves make it through quality control

Pot for 1 £2.20

Potfor 2 £4.20

Some of our foods contain allergens.
Please speak to a member of staff for more information.FOOD ALLERGIES AND INTOLERANCES Some of our foods contain allergens. Please speak to a member of staff for more information.

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